Astis suede leather mittens are hand-sewn in the USA from high-quality suede leather and are lined with Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft insulation. Working directly with a tannery in the USA, Astis developed a suede leather, injected with silicon during the tanning process for further waterproofing. This means the suede leather is extremely durable yet retains great dexterity and flexibility. The length and cut of the Astis Long Cuff mitt design allows for a jacket to slide fully inside without bunching while providing a close fit that protects the wrists and hands from snow in the heaviest of powder days.

As each Astis suede leather mitten is hand-sewn and uses natural materials, each pair of mittens will possess slight variation in the look of the leather, beadwork, and fur trim. Astis embraces these subtle,natural differences and views them as unique mittens more akin to wearable, functional works of art.


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Long Cuff Mitt - No beadwork, Dark Chocolate...
CA $237.95
Long Cuff Mitt with beadwork, light tan leather,black...
CA $237.95
Long Cuff Mitt with silver, white and black...
CA $237.95
Long Cuff Mitt - Beautiful and very pretty...
CA $237.95
Long Cuff Mitt with blue, white, grey Beadwork,...
CA $237.95
Long Cuff Mitt with beadwork, brown suede...
CA $237.95
NEYRA black
Long Cuff Mitt. Displaying a vibrant double...
CA $237.95

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