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CARE of your Astis


Leather is a natural material and can sometimes seem inflexible when very new. However, there's a really easy way to fix that - lots of USE! With frequent use leather gains suppleness and achieves that desirable and comfortable 'broken in" feel. The more frequently you use and wear your leather mittens, the quicker you will feel the leather start to mold to your own hand for a perfect fit and feel.


Moisture barriers are extremely crucial in preventing damage to leather items from water or other liquids. Collaborating with a USA tannery, Astis developed a suede leather, which is injected with silicon as part of the tanning process for enhanced waterproofing. The resulting leather is extremely durable yet still retains its dexterity.

If you would like to apply a protection agent periodically, use only reputable products such as Nubuck and Suede Proof NikWax or Scotchguard Leather Protector for Suede and Nubuck following their instructions. Generally a spray type application is best for suede leather.

Remember: Test first on a inconspicuous area of the mitten or glove, as some protection agents may change the leather's colour.


Choose only specialist leather cleaning products that are designed to preserve the natural lubricating oils instead of stripping them.The cleaner you select should NOT leave any greasy residue. Residue makes leather susceptible to bacteria and can break down stitching. Before applying any products to leather be sure to try it out on an inconspicuous area, for any unwanted effects and possible colour changes. Once you've determined that the product is acceptable to use, apply it carefully following the Manufacturer's instructions. Using a slightly damp cloth, remove all traces of the cleaning product. Stitched areas may be cleaned using special brushes. The beadwork should not require cleaning and Astis do NOT recommend cleaning it .

A Nubuck cleaning pad should also be considered. These cloths can be very effective in cleaning and restoring lightly soiled suede leather to its original look.


Any long term damp is the enemy of leather. Treat wet leather by removing any dirt, mud or other stains with a cleaning agent before it has a chance to dry. It is important to ensure that ALL leather items are dried away from direct heat.


Your Astis mitts come with a fabric bag in which they should be kept and stored in a cool, dry environment away from heat. Remember - leather should never be stored in plastic. Storing in plastic encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria which will ruin leather items. If you do encounter mildew from storage:

  • Create a mixture of one cup rubbing alcohol plus one cup water.
  • Then wipe the mildew off with a soft cloth dipped in the mixture. Allow to dry naturally.
  • Review your storage conditions so mildew does not reoccur.


Fresh stains from blood and food can be removed with a lightly damp cloth. Treat stains from oil and grease by grinding up ordinary blackboard chalk to a fine powder, then sprinkling on the stained area. Do NOT rub in.

Leave for 24 hours then just brush the chalk powder from the item with a leather care brush. Whilst fresh stains can be treated at home, if stain marks are ground-in and dried then use professional leather cleaning services which may be found at specialist dry cleaners or on-line.

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