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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the mittens shipped from?
You are ordering on the Australian site so goods are shipped from Bowral NSW 2576 using Australia Post. International Shipments are also shipped via Australia Post. Please be aware that substantial delays are still common on international deliveries. All orders are dispatched with a Tracking No. so you can see how your shipment is progressing. 

I forgot to add SHIPPING to my order for International delivery. How do I fix this? 
You can place an order for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING only, by going to : Gift Certificates / International Shipping / Add to Cart - then completing the transaction. Orders placed without payment for Shipping cannot be shipped out until the appropriate Shipping Charge is paid.

How long does it take to 'wear in ' my gloves?
As with any ski glove, it takes about 7 days of skiing to mold the leather to your own hand so the more you wear your Astis the more they will fit like the proverbial glove! Mittens will always be looser and do not mold to the same degree as gloves

How do Astis ski mittens & Astis ski gloves handle Australian skiing conditions?

Astis use high quality full hide leather which has strong natural waterproofing qualities - but Astis have gone further and used a suede leather that is injected with silicon ( silicon is used to stop water leaks in places like your shower recess ) during the manufacuring process to ensure the entire thickness of the leather is impregnated. This process leaves the Astis suede leather waterproofed but still flexible and durable. They therefore do not require an inner plastic barrier like most ski gloves.

How do I dry them if they get wet?
As with all ski gloves, Astis benefit from drying overnight  - not in direct heat - so a Drying Room or a metre away from a heat source such as a heater / fireplace is best.

How do I keep my hands warm when skiing
Astis are known to be very warm. The high quality full thickness suede leather has an innate ability to withstand the effects of weather. Astis ski mitts and ski gloves are lined with Polartec® ThermalPro® Highloft insulation lining. This lining gives a great luxurious feel whilst providing a superior warm thermal layer for any cold outdoor activity or adventure. Polartec ThermalPro ®Highloft® not only provides outstanding warmth without weight but is extremely durable, dries quickly and has been the primary insulation layer of choice amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts for almost 3 decades.

Astis ski mittens are so beautiful - are they practical for skiing
Astis ski mitts and Astis ski gloves are warm, hardworking, practical, waterproof and very durable. They were designed specifically for outdoors sports in cold climates.They will last you through years of skiing and other cold outdoor activities. They are of course gorgeous enough to wear out and about on the coldest nights too!

Are the ski mittens and ski gloves styles unisex 
Yes - all Astis ski mitts and gloves can be worn by male or female and are unisex sizing. There are so many beaded designs with new ones created each year by Astis designers across the 4 styles that it's pretty easy to find one that suits your personality and the look you prefer. NOTE: The short cuff mitts are a much slimmer fit  and idesally siuted to ladies / slimmer hands.

What size Astis do I need
See the section labelled Sizing Guide of what to consider when choosing your size in ski mittens and ski gloves. Remember - in gloves, a snug fit when new is best as the lining will pack and the leather will become more and more supple, molding to your hand, with use. Roughly the same as what you would buy in normal ski gloves is the place to start. Mittens will ALWAYS be looser than gloves.

Are there any Astis Ski Mittens and Ski Gloves suitable for kids
The Astis Short Cuff Mitt is the most likely to suit an older child / teenager, or give the Short Cuff Glove a try. It is  the roomy nature of the mitten designs which traps the air to keep you warm.

Astis ski mitts or gloves for little kids! Good News  -  a small selection of Long Cuff and Mid Cuff mitts for kids is now available  - ONLY BY Special Pre-Order. Please contact us via email if you are interested in placing an order for these.

Do you need a liner glove with the mitts
Astis is made to keep the cold out and a mitt design is part of that - your fingers warm each other a well as the air trapped inside. So wearing a liner probably depends more on you and how often you remove your mitts when skiing... but it is entirely up to you what suits you best.

I get sweaty hands when I ski - what do you recommend
If your hands sweat a lot, then one of the options you have is to wear a thin liner glove to absorb the sweat.   One 'middle" option is to simply cut a pair of thin ( silk or merino wool) liner gloves off at the top knuckle of the fingers. As they still cover the palm of your hands, they will soak up the excess sweat but still retain the ability for your finger tips to warm themselves inside the mitt.The generous cut of Astis mittens can comfortably accomodate a thin liner glove if you wish to wear one

How do I clean Astis
Just like any suede leather, your Astis gloves and mitts will thank you if you care for them! See our Care Sheet for helpful tips on how to care for any leather items. Most important factor is to dry leather items away from direct heat. Store your mitts in the Astis canvas bag provided, in a dry storage area - NOT in plastic.

Really cold hands - Astis ski gloves or mittens ?
Now this is where personal preference really comes in! Mittens will always be warmer than gloves as your fingers are able to warm each other, as well as the air trapped inside. Mittens also trap a higher volume of air creating even more insulating effect against cold. Astis mittens retain a high level of dexterity due to their unique construction and flexible suede leather - lack of dexterity is a common complaint about many mittens but Astis is unike most mitts so give them a try! Once they become accustomed to them, many converts from gloves to Astis mittens would not consider going back to gloves. Check out the full range of Astis ski gloves and ski mitts before you decide

Skiing with Astis in Australia and New Zealand
I know these are warm - my friends absolutely rave about them. But will Astis be too hot for Australia and New Zealand skiing?
By retaining the natural qualities of full hide leather, the gloves have very good breathability. This is often better than regular ski gloves. But if you do naturally sweat a lot, try wearing fingerless liner gloves to soak up excess sweat  -  throw away the Hand warmers! You can always slip your Astis off ( easy on / easy off! ) on the chair lift if you wish ( just tuck them under your legs or inside your jacket)

Really Really Really cold weather?
If its -16F and you are really feeling it on first tracks, just tuck a (chemical)Toewarmer in the end of your mitts. Once you have warmed the trapped air up - you can give the warmers to your buddies!

Can I exchange if I get the wrong size?
Please read our Returns Policy and follow the instructions. Be aware that the feel of Astis is quite different from regular ski mittens and gloves so give it a day or so of trying on at home before you decide if the size is wrong. It's all about holding the pole if you are a skier so make sure you test that out. IMPORTANT: Your item must not be worn / skied in to be eligible to return, be returned in new condition with all packaging and lables attached. Time limits also apply.

Why can't I order multiple items on the same order? 
It's all to do with postage and recipient country import duties. The cost of one large heavy parcel is usually similar  ( or just  a little more ) than the multiple parcel costs. BUT by shipping each item of a multiple order as a single item we can keep your parcel Customs Declaration value down -   often meaning your parcel's value is under your county's import duty thresholds which are set by each country. 


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