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Astis Mittens Size Guide for Australia

Astis Mittens Australia - Sizing tips. How to decide which size Astis ski mitten or glove:

The leather used by Astis for their ski mitten and gloves is designed to become supple and to "give" which enhances dexterity. It takes approximately 7 days wear to work your Astis mittens and gloves in to match your own hand. The suede leather is high quality full thickness cowhide - unlike many ski gloves which use a 'split' buffed leather whicj is less durable.
All gloves will  'give' more than mittens so gloves should be quite snug when new but still comfortable. Try holding a ski pole  - if its comfortable when you grip it, then that's the size for you! Don't order 'loose' when new.

Mittens should be worm as a looser fit so that more air is tapped inside and warmed by your fingers. Mittens will always be warmer than gloves since your fingers are able to warm each other. Even skiing in Australia or New Zealand, your hands will appreciate the warmth and luxurious feel of Astis mittens and gloves.

Liner gloves
These are not usually necessary for warmth when wearing Astis gear. Liners will affect your fingers ability to warm trapped air and each other. However, if you will be frequently removing your mitts, or you perspire a lot then thin silk or merino wool liners are best.  But it is entirely up to you! Check out our page of Frequently Asked Questions about Astis mittens.

If your hands sweat a lot. 

Thin Liner gloves can help with this. One suggestion is to cut the fingers above the first knuckle, so they absorb the sweat from your palms but still allow your fingers to warm each other! 

Sizing information is intended as a general guide only
A good fit depends on width, length of fingers, overall individual size of the hand and the feel you like. But do remember that leather will  'give' over time, when choosing your Astis ski mittens and gloves.
Even when Astis mittens and gloves are new you should be able to hold your ski pole firmly with no discomfort.

To measure the overall circumference of hand - measure firmly around the hand, just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb as shown in the diagram below ( Note: measurements are in inches in this diagram)

Chose the wrong size? No problem - CHECK out our RETURNS POLICY.  All returned items must be unworn, with all labels still attached and include the canvas storage bag. We will gladly swap them for you for a better fit. Or give us a call to chat about which size you need and what stock options we have.

As Astis ski mittens and gloves are made from genuine suede leather, a snug fit when new, especially in gloves, is desirable to allow for flex as the leather molds to your hand with use.

Astis LONG CUFF MITTS -  The long Cuff Mitts are generous in size 
Comparison to regular glove size:
 5 - 7.5 ( Small ) 7.5 - 8.5 ( Medium ) 9+ ( Large)
Overall circumference around hand in cm
Small ( up to 19.2 cm) Medium (up to 21.5 cm ) Large ( >21.5 cm)
Note: The majority of women wear Small. The majority of men wear Medium

Astis LONG and SHORT CUFF GLOVES - Gloves should fit snugly when new, but not be uncomfortable. You should be able to hold your ski pole firmly  - probably close to your regular glove size.
Comparison to regular glove size:
Small (5 - 7 ) Medium ( 7- 8 ) Large ( 9+ )
Overall circumference around hand
Small (up to 19.0cm)  Medium ( up to 21.0 cm) Large (> 21.0 cm )
The majority of women wear Small. The majority of men wear Large or Medium

Astis SHORT CUFF MITTS - A slimmer fit than long cuff and mid cuff mitts
Comparison to regular mitt size:
Small (5 - 6 ) Medium (6.5- 7.5  ) Large ( 8+ )
Overall circumference around hand
Small (up to 18.5 cm) Medium ( up to 20.0 cm) Large (>20.5 cm)

Astis MID - CUFF MITTS - Close to your regular mitt size. Same overall sizing as Long Cuff Mitts
Comparison to regular mitt size
Small (5 - 7)  Medium (7- 8 ) Large (9+ )
Overall circumference around hand
Small ( up to 19.2 cm) Medium ( up to 21.5cm ) Large ( >21.5cm)

Astis Childrens Mitts - General size recommendation
Small - Ages 3 -5 years
Large  - Ages 6 - 9 years

Note: The chart below is in inches. Please ensure you use a tape which has inches!

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