Astis Mittens - The story so far

Astis Ski Mitts and Gloves began with a thoughtful and unique gift...

Brad's original mittens

Brad, one of the young founders of Astis, received a pair of original handmade mittens as a gift from one of his best friends, Phil. Phil had traded a Swiss Army knife with a native American woman for a pair of mittens made in the traditional way. Phil gave Brad those mitts (pictured at left) knowing that he would appeciate the beautiful handmade craftsmanship, the intricate beaded pattern and the overall artistry. Over 12 years of tough outdoor use in all conditions, many times skiing over 100 days in a season, often in below freezing temperatures, Brad was surprised to discover that not only were these mittens beautifully crafted - they outlasted all others he had worn in. Brad prized them for their durability and distinctiveness and treasured them for their unique beuaty. In fact Brad found them to be almost indestructable, until........

Unfortunately, the family dog got into Brad's ski bag and chewed on his mittens. Quite distraught and unable to successfully repair them or find a similar replacement anywhere, he embarked on a mission to develop an improved version over an already proven traditional design, this time specifically made for outdoor sports. And so Astis mittens and gloves was born.

Brad partnered with his good friend Charlie to find a way to emulate the fine craftsmanship of the traditional leatherwork of the Cree tribe and to capture the beauty and integrity of the beadwork, overall  craftsmanship and functionality of his original treasured mittens. Charlie, like Brad, has a passion for outdoor adventure. Growing up together, they bonded over years of snow skiing, waterskiing, swimming, climbing, biking, surfing or just about any outdoor adventure they could imagine.

After many rounds of prototyping and perfecting, they came up with a line of long lasting, uniquely designed beaded Ski mittens and Ski gloves for the adventuresome who want something a little different but still highly functional. Astis was founded in 2011 and still operates under the guidance of Brad and Charlie.

Astis mittens combine today's technology whilst upholding the traditions of handcrafted artistry. All Astis beaded ski mittens and ski gloves are made from the highest quality hardwearing suede leather. Working with 3M, a special waterproofing process was developed for Astis which is impregnated into the suede leather during the tanning process. Astis are lined with Polartech ® ThermalPro® Highloft fleece for dry-wicking to keep your hands dry and warm in the wettest and coldest of conditions. Scotchguarding also helps protect the leather from staining.

Hand stitched in the USA, the Astis forearm pattern offers a wide choice of uniquely designed beadwork or cowhide patterns, most with fur trim.

There are now 4 Astis styles to choose from:

  • The original long cuff gauntlet mitt ( some designs also available in a glove ) with forearm beading and luxurious fur trims
  • The short cuff mitt with embroidered band and fur at the cuff
  • The mid cuff mitt with a beaded mid band
  • The short cuff glove with beaded mid band and a slimmer cut
  • Long Cuff Children's sizes in limited designs ( and to Pre-order only ) are also available for kids 4 - 6 and 7 - 9 years. Check them out!

As beautiful as they look, Astis mittens and gloves are crafted to be worn - and admired - for many years. Astis was founded on the guiding principle of bringing you the best, most distinctive ski mittens and ski gloves for your winter adventures

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